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Laboratory Tests

Laboratory tests are blood tests or any other sample, which can help rule out or confirm a diagnosis; that is, they complement the doctor’s clinical suspicion.

At Pediatrics of Sugar land we know that running lab tests can be expensive or tedious many times, but doing them in time not only helps the pediatrician discover new conditions but also allows for the prevention of disease and timely action when symptoms are very mild.

Here are the most frequently asked questions parents ask themselves before their child attends the lab.

How to help my child during a lab test?


The role that parents play during this first visit to the laboratory is vital. The fact that the child cries or gets scared is inevitable; it is a new experience that can terrify them; however, if we make this experience fun, their way of perceiving things can change.

The child should be allowed to choose the type of bandage, the colors, or be given games and treats if he or she is successful in the sampling.

Another thing that helps is to talk to them about the process before attending; this allows children to be prepared and know what they are facing.

What should I know about lab testing?


As a parent, you should know the purpose of the sample (if it is a blood or urine sample and why it is required), ask for any information about the results such as; how long it takes to give the results, where I will get the results, or should I come back for them later?

It is especially important that you, as a parent, request all information about the test before you leave the lab.

How can I help during the procedure?


Your presence during this procedure gives your child safety and confidence. The closer you are the better.

You know your child better than we do, and if you think he may become anxious or frightened; keep an eye on him, so he always knows that his parents are supporting him.

If you think your child may become aggressive or resist needling, your help in immobilization along with the medical personnel can be helpful. We understand that you, as a parent, may hurt and get emotional, but remember that it is only a child’s temper tantrum, and the lab test is the real goal.

If possible, ask that the procedures to be undertaken to be as calm as possible and with small tools that do not instill fear. At Pediatrics of Sugar Land, we have the specialized tools for each child and their needs. Ask our phone number about the lab tests we offer in our clinic.

The child must learn that consulting a doctor is natural and good while development and growth take place; so that each medical visit is more bearable little by little. Words of encouragement are helpful in the hours leading up to the visit, as they not only cheer the child up but also create a competitive mental status, which makes the child feel like a hero or a champion if he or she wins the battle of going to the lab.