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Kids and the Delta Variant of SARS-CoV-2 , How to Secure Protect Them From COVID-19?

Kids and the Delta Variant of SARS-CoV-2 , How to Secure Protect Them From COVID-19?

  • 08/12/2021

The greater degree of contagiousness of the brand-new variant of the SARS-COV-2 virus, which is the root cause of the COVID-19 pandemic that we are experiencing, and baptized as DELTA by the WHO, has generated a high degree of concern on part of the population, especially by children that are not yet taken into consideration within the vaccination against this disease.

Dr. Burgos, a pediatrician in Sugar Land, clarifies that the most effective method to look after children is for the entire of society to become aware of and comply with the prevention measures that are already recognized, including inoculation.

“The most essential thing is that those that can get vaccinated do so without delay as well as with the vaccine that is readily available to them. This way, it helps to lower the transmissibility of the virus. Today, in Houston, TX  the main vectors of the virus are youngsters, between 20 and also 35 years old. So, we are all in charge of safeguarding the unvaccinated, like children “, she emphasizes.

Along with the vaccine, the steps currently recognized to all are added, such as the right use the mask, regard for determining measures, physical distancing as well as preventing unneeded meetings.

“The Delta variant affects children more frequently, because the brand-new versions always go searching for the at risk, those who are not immunized or have protection. For the same reason, the variety of situations in these individuals is boosting “, claims Dr. Burgos

In his viewpoint, right now, the most crucial point is to respond as a community to the defense of children as well as teens that have not yet been immunized, as a duty of society.

“Teenagers as well as the entire populace of 3 years as and up, ought to use surgical masks as well as not cloth, discard it when it is wet or dirty, considering that it does not accomplish its function, clean their hands frequently and in case of any kind of uncertainty, including a cold, they must perform a PCR examination to eliminate a feasible contagion “, clarifies the expert from Pediatrics of Sugar Land.

Regarding school, Dr. Burgos claims that these must be resumed in person since the damages to the social-emotional development of children are severe damages that will need to be taken care of later on, but that in the meantime can be turned around if they return to schools with all the proper health and wellness protocols.

The pediatric specialist stresses that this virus will certainly continue to mutate and new versions will remain to appear in the future, probably even more infectious than this one. That is why, past Delta or those that continue to arise, all that can be vaccinated, have to do so. This is a way to secure those who have not yet been vaccinated and also those that for wellness reasons cannot be immunized.

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